With The Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations heralding a long bank holiday weekend, there are so many options for families and communities to celebrate. Not only is Exeter putting on a huge Jubilee celebration on the 2nd of June that is free for everyone to join, but there is also the chance to host your own event at home over the long weekend!

Street party

If you and your neighbours are able to, hosting a street party is a fantastic way to bring everyone together, renew friendships and bring new neighbours into the fold. Either each home can bring a table outside and supply their own party food or you can organise it as a street with each family bringing a dish or supplying a decoration such as bunting or flags, scones or sandwiches etc. Another great option instead of tea party food, is to host a BBQ, with a couple of BBQs, one for meat and one for non-meat, this can work out cheaper and easier to provide than lots of plated dishes. A few things to be wary of, A)  one family doesn’t end up doing the lion’s share of the work B)one neighbour becomes a little bit too forceful with demands, if you are worried this may happen stick with each house supplying their own. C) don’t forget to get permission if you are “closing your road”

Community picnics

If it isn't feasible to close your road, you don’t feel it’s a safe environment, or you r street is very small. Why not organise a community picnic at your local green, sports field or park. This is particularly great if there are lots of young families in your area. Each family can bring their own picnic and picnic blanket, so food is within their budget and covers any allergy concerns. Children can let off stream playing and making new friends and organisation would be minimal. Once you’ve created posters or knocked on doors to tell people, other than your own picnic all that needs to be organised is maybe some fun games that everyone gets involved with, cricket, rounder’s are always great, if you have the time you could plan a treasure hunt for the children.

Tea for two 

Maybe your home is quite rural or your work hours don’t fit in with local community plans, or you may have health concerns that prevent you from heading to a big event. Well there is nothing nicer than high tea in your own garden, get your best china out and take time with presentation, a table cloth over your garden table, bunting on your fence. Don’t forget doilies and napkins all elevate the tea from the norm. You can either enjoy a cream tea with scones and a pot of tea or push the boat out with a high tea of finger foods and fancy cakes and a glass or two of bubbly. .

Be our guest

A quick search on Visit Exeter and similar sites will bring up lots of local venues and events, so why not take your family to one of these where you are waited on hand and foot and there is usually entertainment included too, the plus side of going to an organised event is that they have done all the work for you, and they will also do the washing up at the end not you!

Dress code, activities and top tips

Dress code

So you’ve figured out what your event will be, but what will everyone wear? You could keep it casual or set a theme including posh frocks and dinner jackets - it is Her Majesty’s party after all!

Whether you go 1940s/50s,which are the obvious choice or pick a previous Jubilee decade. Think the Silver Jubilee 1977, get those flares and platforms out, golden Jubilee 2002 (are you ready to wear what you wore in the “noughties” again?), or how about 1992 they year of the Ruby Jubilee, think Spice girls, grunge, the “Rachel haircut”

Dress up as members of the Royal family and wider circle, this can be great fun and a chance to get creative with what you find at home.

Tiaras and crowns, either your standard cardboard crown (see the craft pages) or raid your families cupboards and wear sparkly tiaras  with whatever out you like, if you can accessories with a corgi or two even better.

Fancy dress, think Bridgerton, or Mad Tea Hatters tea party, superheroes or Disney characters, pirates of Penzance or cluedo/Agatha Christie.

Masks are a great idea, you could go as far as a masked ball theme or just simple fun famous people masks or homemade ones, (think carnival fun).

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You may be happy sitting eating, drinking and catching up with your neighbours or you may feel you need to add a little something extra!

We all love the Queen but how well do we know her, pit neighbour against neighbour for a Royal Quiz – check out our Jubilee quiz.

Her Majesty is famous for her love of Corgi’s. How about a street dog show, or pet show? Each person parades their pet and tells everyone some fun facts about it - you can then all write your vote on bits of paper, deciding on the winner factor “most regal, cutest, cleverest, funniest fact or whatever you chose”

How about a light hearted talent show! A no pressure show, children in particular love to get involved in these, it can be as funny as being able to wiggle your ears, or as traditional as singing a song, the winner could be crowned your Jubilee Queen or King.

What’s more fun than a cake competition? You all get to eat extra cake, secret votes and the majority wins the title of  “Jubilee Star Baker”

One to help the children tidy and burn off the final bit of energy as you pack away – musical chairs! this can even be done with picnic blankets as they are being folded. If you are planning on party bags, as each child drops out of the game would be the perfect time to do this.

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Tips for the day

  • Ensure you have a rainy day plan- maybe gazebos, garden brollies or a local village hall
  • Plenty of bins/rubbish bags, and don’t forget to sort into various recycling
  • Check for food allergies, or label food with ingredients, so everyone can relax and enjoy the food without worrying
  • Make extra effort to involve single member households and consider any mobility issues, eg assistance out of home and a comfortable chair
  • Check with everyone in advance if they are happy for photos and happy for them to be posted on social media


Exeter's Jubilee Street Party
Jubilee events
Jubilee Street Party

Join us on the High Street, Exeter between 11am and 3pm on Thursday 2nd June to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.



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