Double Elephant Print Workshop: Riddle 57 - Heritage Open Days Virtual Event

Riddle 57


Riddle 57 is an online interactive encounter with a 1000 year old riddle from the Exeter Book. You can “play” the riddle, making your own choices of translations, interpretations and solutions and enjoy the imagery created from over 180 submissions.

Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter worked entirely remotely during lockdown to create a large-scale inclusive public engagement project that has subsequently become one of the first Associated Projects in Exeter's 2020 City of Literature programme.

Riddle 57 is one of nearly 100 riddles from the Exeter Book, a tenth-century anthology of poetry in Exeter Cathedral’s library, recognised by UNESCO as one of the world’s principal cultural artefacts.

The project brings together poets, historians, animators and printmakers to transform the poem into an interactive animation illustrated by the public.
The riddle can be interpreted several ways and we collaborated with poet Jacob Polley and medievalists Prof Chris Jones and Dr Megan Cavell to explore a creative relationship with the text – not just focused on reaching a solution. The result is an animated encounter that can be “played” by the reader.

During lockdown, the project aimed to connect print studios, poets and the public to collaboratively create a visual pathway – lifting the poem away from the text. Jacob wrote various prompts to elicit images and we publicised the opportunity online. Over 180 images from across the world were submitted. Luke and Corina Hagan worked on the coding, editing and animation of the images and the result is an interactive riddle that explores the
language and imagery of Anglos Saxon text.

This project is one of the Associated Projects of Exeter’s City of Literature public programme. It’s a brand new event for 2020 and the first time DEPW have collaborated with Exeter Cathedral and medievalists across the UK.




Opening Times

Double Elephant Print Workshop: Riddle 57 - Heritage Open Days Virtual Event (11 Sept 2020 - 20 Sept 2020)

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