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ONLINE Competition
LIVE Competition
Partners & Sponsors
ONLINE Competition
The Online competition requires the payment of £40 GBP (approx $50USD) to cover the cost of reviewing submitted video links, judging, administration and sending winners prizes. The online competition will be judged by a panel of credible judges from Fretmonkey, Candyrat Records and Daylight Music Productions (UK organisers). The winners will be announced on Friday September 9th during the festival launch lunchtime concerts program (Kimwei McCarthy & Kevin Harding) with online competition winners videos screened to the lunchtime live audience between 14.45pm – 15.00pm GMT (approx). Live streaming box-office tickets will be available to purchase for all performances and all masterclasses. Online ticket prices & details to be announced soon

1st Place Online Competition winner prize:

Mayson M7S (or equivalent) Guitar
2023 Mayson Solo Artist Tour in China (multiple cities over one week inc flights, accommodation, meals & fee)
Elixir Strings Prize Pack
G7th Capo Gold Engraved Performance 3 Capo
3x Candyrat Records Social Media Video Feature
3x Fretmonkey Records Social Media Video Features
Main stage performance slot at either the next US/European Fingerstyle Collective Festival
2 days recording studio time (inc engineer) at either Fretmonkey Studios in Conway Arkansas, AMPI Studios in Portugal or Circadian Music Group Studios in the UK
2nd Place ‘Runner-Up’ Online Competition winner prize

Mayson M5S (or equivalent) Guitar
Elixir Strings Prize Pack
G7th Capo Silver Engraved Performance 3 Capo
2x Candyrat Records Social Media Video Features
2x Fretmonkey Social Media Video Features
Main stage performance slot at either the next US/European Fingerstyle Collective Festival
3rd Place Online Competition winner prize

Mayson Alpha1 (or equivalent) Guitar
G7th Capo Black Engraved Performance 3 Capo
1x Candyrat Records Social Media Video Feature
1x Fretmonkey Social Media Video Feature
Online Competition Rules & Regulations
Rules Governing the Fingerstyle Collective International Guitar Competition

The Fingerstyle Collective International Guitar Competition is open to anyone except those who are staff members or founding artists of Fretmonkey, are labeled artists of Candyrat Records, who are sponsors or partners of the festival, or are performing as a billed or paid musician at the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival 9th-11th September 2022 in Exeter, UK.

No purchase of any kind is necessary (apart from your online competition registration fee of £40 GBP) to enter the competition. A purchase of a sponsors products will not improve your chances of winning!

All tour/performance prizes are subject to the relevant country travel restrictions and tour/festivals taking place. Fingerstyle Collective Festival together with its co-organisers, sponsors and partners cannot be held financially responsible for any cancellations beyond its control.

SPONSORS: The Fingerstyle Collective Music Competition (the “Competition”) is sponsored by:Fretmonkey, Candyrat Records, Mayson Guitars, ELIXIR Strings, G7TH CAPOS and others noted on the event website and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

ELIGIBILITY: Contestants can apply for either the Fingerstyle Collective Online Competition or the Fingerstyle Collective Live Competition, but cannot apply for both competitions during the same year. If an applicant submits to both competitions during the same year, by default the submission will only be considered in the Online Competition category. Previous Fingerstyle Collective LIVE/ONLINE Competition Grand Prize Winners (1st Place) cannot re-apply, however previous Semi-finalists (2nd and 3rd Place Winners), as well as previous Fingerstyle Collective applicants may re-apply.

An Entrant (Individual) must be sixteen (16) years of age or older at the time of entry, and possess a valid form of identification (no top age limit). An Entrant under the age of eighteen (18) shall require parental consent to participate due to international travel involved in prize winnings. Invalid or ineligible entries shall be excluded from consideration. By their submission of entry, Entrants warrant they are legally entitled and authorized to make such submission on their own behalf. In the event of a dispute as to the winner’s identity, entries will be deemed made by the holder of the email account associated with the entry. Void where prohibited by law or restricted. Subject to all applicable country and local laws and regulations. An Entrant may not be a Professional Musician signed to any major label with world-wide distribution.

The initial preliminary round judging will take place via YouTube/Vimeo video submission and all decisions are final. There is no right granted or opportunity to question or appeal the judging panels decision


Friday August 19, 2022 – Extended deadline for application materials and video (We have the right to extend this deadline to allow for adequate participation.

Friday September 9, 2022 – Online competition winners, Elixir Strings and other competition prizes announced (and distributed where applicable) during the festival opening lunchtime performances concerts by Kimwei McCarthy & Kevin Harding, with online competition winners videos screened to the lunchtime live audience between 14.45pm – 15.00pm GMT (approx). As requested by many overseas/international Fingerstyle Collective fans, please note we are working towards all concerts being available to purchase as live-streamed ‘Box-Office’ online performances and all masterclasses available through our sister company – fees & details to be announced soon.


Please complete the relevant application form at the bottom of this page – please ensure you complete the right application form for Online or Live competition. We will then email you a link to pay the registration fee online (fee only payable for the online competition).
Please submit your video by entering the URL within the application form. Should you experience any issues with completing the application form, please email

The online guitar competition registration fee is £40 (USD equivalent approx $50 depending on exchange rate at the time). Once your application form is received, we will email you confirmation and a link to pay your registration fee. The registration fee is non-refundable

Please note that your registration will only be considered complete once payment has been made and accepted, and the online application form has been completed. After your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

For the ONLINE Competition, you are required to submit a link to TWO videos of contestant’s choice (can be live or static). Again, the song/tune selection may be an original work or a cover arranged as an instrumental only.
The length of EACH video should not exceed five (5) minutes. Submitting 2x lengthy 5 minute video’s will not enhance your chances as each is judged within the strict criteria set out below in Judges Scoring..
You cannot enter the competition twice in any given year so only one application will be permitted. Equally, you cannot enter both the online and live competition so please choose the competition that suits your personal circumstances and travel plans the best.

While we advise all contestants to create the best quality entry possible, both regarding the audio and the video, it need not be at a professional-level production value.
Please do not submit a video with product placements or other commercial intent. No foul language or offensive gestures.
When submitting your video url (example would be YouTube/Vimeo), you must select “Public”” or “Unlisted” in the privacy settings when uploading the video. If the candidate selects “Private,” their submission will be invalid. The candidate must provide the link to their video submission on the application form. For more information on posting videos, we recommend exploring the “Help” section found on the homepage or your video platform of choice.
The candidate’s video must have the artists’ name in the title.
A MEDLEY OF TUNES IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Recommended Maximum playing time is approximately five (5) minutes. In an effort to judge the contest objectively and equally, the following criteria will be considered by the judges and assigned point value in each area

The deadline for applications is Friday August 19th, 2022, at 11:59 PM (Midnight GMT – please check your corresponding worldwide time in relation to this)


All contestants will be judged in the preliminary round by a panel of credible judges who work for Fretmonkey, Candyrat Records, Daylight Music Productions UK or one of the festivals sponsors – and at least a majority will be fingerstyle guitarists. The judges decisions are final and no opportunity for questions or appeals will be permitted. Video submissions will be judged by Friday September 2nd, 2022.


Scoring 1. ARRANGEMENT (40 points) – Contestant’s version of the tune selected. Difficulty and originality will be considered.Scoring 2. EXECUTION, TUNING (40 points) – Fingering, picking and dynamics will be considered.
Scoring 3. SHOW VALUE (10 points) – Would the music resonate with an audience (appeal)? Contribute to the genre of fingerstyle guitar?
Scoring 4. OVERALL IMPRESSION (10 points) – Is it innovative? Progressive? Modern? Well executed? (In other words…Does it stand out in some way?)

Any candidate who fails to abide by the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition Rules & Regulations may be disqualified.
Any application form found to contain false or inaccurate information may result in the candidate’s disqualification.
The Organiser reserves the exclusive right to record, photograph, or disseminate in any manner whatsoever.
Participation in the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition implies the full and clear adherence to these rules, the waiver of all rights and recourse in respect of the submission procedures, their results and the awarding of prizes, and in respect of any physical or material damage sustained by the candidate either during the performances or when traveling to said performances.
International competitors will be provided with an official letter of invitation for respective UK entry..
To enter the ONLINE Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition, please complete the application form below and submit – once we have received your application form we will send you a confirmation email and link to pay the registration fee of £40 GBP (approx $50 USD) fee:

Name *
Email *
Which country do you reside in? *

- Please select -
- Please select -
Phone No (inc country code if outside the UK)
#1 Video URL link (e.g. Youtube/Vimeo)
#2 Video URL Link (e.g. Youtube/Vimeo)
I agree to the online competition rules that govern the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition (see T&C's on our website)

Festival Terms & Conditions

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Fingerstyle Guitar Festival Competition (19 Aug 2022)

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