Why did Craig Townsend, previous Exeter Chiefs player, originally move to Exeter and why has he decided to continue living here? Read below to find out why Craig loves Exeter just as much as we do...

Why did Craig move to Exeter?

For Craig Townsend, it was a career change that led to him moving to Exeter 22 years ago. For he was selected to play professional rugby for the Exeter Chiefs back in 1999, and chose to undertake a Sports and Exercise Science degree at Exeter university at the same time.

He couldn’t have chosen a place much further from home. Craig was raised in Galashiels in the Scottish borders and had stayed there for his entire life except for a stint at Edinburgh University.

But even way back then the city of Exeter offered a combination of factors that made moving here an easy choice to make.

Craig says: “A combination of a professional rugby contract and a very good sport and exercise science degree course at a great university, combined with the countryside that I love only being 10 minutes away, made it an easy choice, despite being so far from home.”

Craig’s only experience of the south west before moving here was family holidays to the north Cornish coast, visiting resorts such as Perranporth and Bude as a child. Moving to Exeter was an unknown, but Craig is still here 22 years on, and although he doesn’t play professional rugby anymore, he supports other players through his role as Development Manager with the Rugby Players Association. Craig still lives in St Thomas and now brings up his family here too.

So, what is it about the city that he loves?

Craig says: “It’s a vibrant place and has everything you want from a small city. Walks, quayside, nice cafes. For me it is also close to the sea, moors, forests and my golf course! My family and I regularly enjoy the great cycle paths and the city boundary walks and I love the city centre’s proximity to the river and Haldon Forest.”

And as for doing business in Exeter, Craig says that being based at Exeter Chiefs certainly helps him in this respect. He works directly with 120 professional rugby players at Exeter Chiefs and Gloucester Rugby supporting their personal and professional development,

He cycles everywhere and says that the city’s relatively small size helps him to get about to meetings, events and the station, on two wheels easily.

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That’s Craig’s Exeter story. What’s yours?

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