We can all work together, to make our city and its surrounding countryside and coastal areas, safe and pleasant places to visit – take a look at our blog for ways to enjoy Exeter responsibly as you return to our fantastic city...

Escape the Everyday responsibly

Thinking of travelling to Exeter this spring? Fabulous idea. Check out these top tips from VisitEngland to make the most out of your trip to our incredible city!

  • Plan and book ahead. If your plans change, remember to cancel in good time so your table or room doesn’t go to waste
  • Respect, protect and enjoy nature and the great outdoors
  • Avoid tourist hotspots and check out England’s hidden gems instead
  • Be kind to staff and locals, and support local independent businesses where you can
  • Follow social distancing rules, wash your hands regularly and wear face coverings where necessary
  • Look out for the We’re Good to Go mark – it shows businesses that are operating in line with government COVID guidance

Follow the countryside code

We know you'll enjoy our part of the country just as much as we do. When visiting please follow the Countryside Code, which asks you to:

  • Respect everyone - be considerate to those who are visiting and live in the countryside, do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking and keep to marked paths
  • Give livestock horses and wild animals plenty of space and follow farmer's directions
  • Share the space - slow down for horses, when cycling give way to pedestrians and horses on bridleways
  • Check your route and local conditions - make sure you know your route before you set off. Check weather, tide and water conditions
  • Be aware of your rights and permissions when camping, freshwater swimming & fishing

But most of all - enjoy the adventure, have fun and make memories! Read the full Countryside Code here before you visit. 

Protect the environment

It's important to take care of the environment, to ensure that our outdoor space is fun and safe for all visitors and residents - let's not forget the nature and wildlife too! Whilst exploring our beautiful green spaces and beaches, please follow these rules set out by the Countyside Code:

  • Take your litter home - leave no trace of your visit
  • Take care with BBQs and do not light fires
  • Always keep dogs under control and in sight
  • Dog poo - bag it and bin it - any public waste bin will do
  • Care for nature - do not cause damage or disturbance

Keeping safe shopping on Exeter's high street...

We want you to enjoy shopping safely within Exeter! Whilst you're browsing the stores in Princesshay Shopping Centre, Guildhall Shopping Centre and our independents, please be sure to follow the safety prodedures to ensure that everyone's return to retail will go as smoothly as possible:

  • Stick to the one-way system along the pavements - these can be seen on the overhead banners over the high street!
  • Please use the hand sanitisers provided as you enter each store
  • Ensure your wear face coverings as you enter each shop and every enclosed space
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other shoppers as you queue to enter each building/walking around the city centre

Parking responsibly in Exeter

You're visiting Exeter and our surrounding areas - welcome back! As we're able to enjoy our gorgeous Devon countryside and coastline, here's a friendly reminder to park responsibly during your trip:

  • Please don't leave vehicles obstructing pavements or blocking driveways
  • Please don't park in bays that aren't eligible for use
  • Please don't block access for emergency vehicles
  • Be kind and respect other drivers

Share this Space

As restrictions ease and we're spending more time outdoors, exploring what beautiful Devon has to offer, it's essential that we 'share this space' to keep everyone safe and happy. Devon County Council asks that:

  • Cyclists please pass walkers slowly and carefully, letting people know you’re there and giving them space;
  • Dog walkers on shared paths are asked to keep dogs under close control on a short lead;
  • Pedestrians are advised to check for traffic if they are stepping into the road to maintain a social distance from other pedestrians;
  • Drivers and motorcyclists are urged to be considerate and to give vulnerable road users such as cyclists and horse-riders extra space (two metres if possible) when passing them. Also be aware of the possibility of pedestrians stepping into the road for social distancing.

To find out more about Devon County Council's campaign, click here.

We can't wait to welcome you back to Exeter this spring! #RespectProtectEnjoy


Shopping Centre
Princesshay Shopping Centre - with Cathedral View

The award-winning Princesshay is in the heart of the city, with over 60 stores including big brands such as Next and Zara, as well as smaller independent and regional brands. Princesshay is seriously stylish, featuring distinctive architecture, that complements Exeter's historic buildings, and landscaped European style squares with cafes and restaurants.

The Guildhall Shopping Centre
Outdoor Market
The Guildhall Shopping Centre - high street entrance

Guildhall Shopping & Dining is Exeter City Centre's largest concentration of shops, eating destinations and leisure operators and even a medieval church, St Pancras Church. This quaint church in a most unlikely setting, makes Guildhall Shopping Centre the only Shopping Centre in the world to home a 12th Century Church at its heart! From fashion to food, axe throwing to spa treatments, everything you need can be found at Guildhall Shopping Centre.



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