Whilst you've been wandering around our city, you've probably noticed smiley characters dressed in red, leading groups of excited visitors! These are the much-loved Exeter Red Coat Guides, volunteers providing FREE guided walking tours around the city.

These tours are perfect if you want to delve into Exeter's rich, fascinating history and to discover parts of Exeter you may haven't already visited. Haven't tagged along on one yourself? Check out our favourite things about these guided walks, which tour will you choose?

There's no need to book

There's no need to book onto an Exeter Red Coat Guided Tour - simply pick which tour you'd like to join and turn up!

There are 13 different tours

Whether you're interested in what Medieval Exeter looked like, how the Tudors lived, spooky Exeter stories or learning about the history of our glorious quayside - there's an Exeter Red Coat Guided tour for you (13 to be exact!):

  • Forgotten Exeter
  • Introducing Exeter
  • Medieval Exeter
  • Exeter Old & New
  • Exeter's Historic Quayside
  • Churches, Cemeteries and the Catacomb
  • Tudor Exeter
  • Ghosts & Legends
  • Heart of Exeter
  • Cathedral Close & Bishop's Palace Garden
  • Cathedral to Quay
  • Georgian Exeter
  • Exeter's City Wall

Take a look on our website for more information.

You're guaranteed to learn something new

The Exeter Red Coat Guides are incredibly knowledgeable, we're certain you'll learn something new whilst on your journey of discovery in Exeter. Try it - they're always happy to answer any burning questions you may have about our city!

It's a good way to get your steps in

By joining an Exeter Red Coat guided tour, you'll not only learn interesting facts about our city, but you'll also squeeze some exercise into your day too. Do you track your steps? Make sure your device is fully charged before you embark on a tour!

Spot picture-perfect locations along the way

We might be biased, but we believe that Exeter is one of the most beautiful cities in the country! Joining an Exeter Red Coat Tour is a great way to spot the most wonderful sights, don't forget your camera...

Gets you out in the fresh air

Tagging along on a Red Coat Guided Tour is a great way to get outdoors, breathe in some fresh air and soak in that vitamin D - weather depending of course! We're sure you'll feel refreshed after some light outdoor exercise and having learnt new facts about our city.

Speak to new people

There's a good chance that there will be another person on a tour that has the same interests as you! An Exeter Red Coat tour is a great way to speak to new people.

Add places to your must-visit Exeter list

Whilst you're wandering around our incredible city, we're sure you'll spot a restaurant you haven't been to, a shop you'd like to visit, an upcoming event on a poster, or a scenic spot that you'd like to re-visit. An Exeter Red Coat Tour is the perfect all-rounded activity - you'll learn about our city's history pre-dating the arrival of the Romans in AD 50 AND you'll soon make your own itinerary for next time you visit, it's a win win!

The tours are free

All Exeter Red Coat Tours are FREE! 


Exeter Red Coat Guided Tours
Walking Tour
Exeter Red Coat Guided Tours

Find out more about the city’s turbulent history on a free guided walking tour with the Red Coat Guides, running daily throughout the year.



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