Kayaking on Exeter's quay

Escape the Everyday in Exeter

  1. 'Escape the Everyday at Home' in Exeter

    It's no secret that we're all yearning for a change of scenery in 2021! But until we can do that let us inspire you to 'Escape the Everyday at Home' as part of VisitEngland's national campaign!

    4 Feb 2021
  2. Ways to 'Escape the Everyday' in Exeter this Autumn

    We’re sure you won’t be too surprised to hear that Exeter is packed with spectacular outdoor spaces and unique experiences to help you ‘Escape the Everyday'...

    5 Oct 2020
  3. 'Escape the Everyday' in and around Exeter

    Inspired by VisitEngland’s Escape the Everyday campaign, we’ve been getting out and about to find exciting ways of escaping the everyday right here on our doorstep...

    1 Oct 2020
  4. Exeter's Outstanding Outdoor Spaces

    In and around Exeter there are endless opportunities to enjoy the open space and breathe plenty of the fresh, west country air!

    13 Aug 2020
  5. The Cyclist's Guide to Topsham

    When it comes to Topsham – visiting, exploring or just passing through – cycling is the ONLY way to travel, because the town has made such an effort to be bike-friendly!

    21 Jul 2020
  6. Canoeing on Exeter's Quay

    In Exeter, we’re blessed to be surrounded by glorious canals, rivers, estuaries and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast that are perfect for watersports...

    30 Jun 2020
  7. People walking

    We’ve put together a selection of walks across the city and beyond which boasts fascinating history and spectacular views…

    12 Jun 2020
  8. Picture of a bike, which shows the cycle trail at Darts Farm

    If you’re staying in Exeter, you’re very lucky as you’ll have endless cycle routes on your doorstep! Here are some of our favourite trails for you to follow on your next visit...

    15 Jun 2020
  9. Northernhay Gardens, Exeter

    Our city has a selection of gorgeous gardens perfect for relaxing, picnics and gentle strolls...

    16 Jun 2020
  10. Exetercation -Out & About
    Take time out to explore Exeter this summer, using the safety and comfort of your own home as your base - get inspiration for where to go and what to do