Exeter Canal Basin


  1. Know Before You Go
    We can't wait for you to visit Exeter again. Rest assured we have been doing all we can to make sure your visit is as safe as possible, and businesses across the city have been working hard to put measures in place ready for your visit. Find out more about planning your visit...
  2. Take an Exetercation -  Your Holiday From Home Guide
    If you're lucky enough to live in or near Exeter, you have everything you need for a holiday, right on your doorstep. We can't guarantee the weather, but whatever you like to do on holiday - relaxing on the beach, getting active, or trying something new, you can pretty much guarantee you'll find it here in Devon. So why not take time out to explore Exeter this summer, using the safety and comfort of your own home as your base - we're calling it an Exetercation!
  3. Escape the Everyday in Exeter
    Craving the freedom to explore this autumn and winter? Exeter is the perfect place to ‘Escape the Everyday’, and try something new. With plenty of green and open outdoor space, it is easy to explore safely, and businesses with indoor space have put measures in place to ensure Exeter is a safe choice for reconnecting with friends and family.