If you enjoy running, walking or are a fitness enthusiast then join a guided 5k, 10k or personalised running tour around Exeter historic city centre, quayside and riverside. Find the best running routes and hidden paths at your own pace with GB international Duathlete and elite runner Phil Wylie as your guide. We can plan in time for stops, photos and a bit of history if you are interested! Finish off with a relaxing tea/coffee and pastry with our wonderful partners ‘The Tasting Room Café'.

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Meet Phil

I’m a GB Duathlete, runner, professional coach and general lover of the outdoors! I’m excited to partner up with ‘Visit Exeter’ in 2022 to bring you ‘Exeter Running Tours’ and help visitors to Exeter and local people to discover this beautiful city the active way!

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What’s involved and who is it for?

We have standard 5k and 10k tours but often personalise routes on request for all abilities from walk-joggers to club runners and cater for individuals, couples and groups. Customers include: those visiting the area who would like to discover more about the city or establish some nice routes for when they visit; residents who would like to learn some new running routes or groups/individuals with a particular training focus such as a personal best they’re trying to achieve.  Parents of University students are regular attendees; often in need of something to do before their son/daughter are ready for the day and to give them some more knowledge and familiarity with the city in which they’re studying.

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How did it all start?

I’m a triathlete (swim-bike-run), duathlete (run-bike-run) and runner for the last 25 years. I started my own professional coaching company in 2018 www.philgetsyou.fit to help runners and multi-sport enthusiasts from beginner to Elite level achieve their goals. In 2021 the idea for Exeter Running Tours came through walking with friends and family around the city. I was amazed that people who have lived here for years would regularly say; “I’ve never been here before” or “this is a lovely little path” or “how did you find this place?”. The answer was clear; because when running/jogging you discover so much more over time.

So....if you can jog, run or walk briskly and would like to see more of Exeter following great routes that only a local runner would know then this is for you! All you need is weather appropriate clothing, trainers and a smile! Find out more or book here www.philgetsyou.fit/exeter-run-tours-visit-exeter

Can’t wait share my love of running being active and a little history of Exeter!


Exeter Running Tours
Aerial shot of Exeter

Discover Exeter the active way with a guided running tour around the historic city centre, quayside and riverside. Find the best 5k and 10k running routes with your host, GB international Duathlete and runner Phil Wylie. Run, walk or jog round exeter and finish with a FREE coffee and pastry!

The Tasting Room - South West Coffee Co
Bacon, egg, beans and avocado on toast

Our original cafe on Topsham Road (sister cafe to The Undergrad on Bampfylde Street and The TINY Tasting Room on Martins Lane) - showcasing the coffee we import and distribute through www.swcoffeeco.com



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