This Halloween season, head to RAMM for an eclectic array of activities for children and families!

Inspired by new exhibition A Picture of Health, which explores health and wellbeing in Exeter from the 18th century to present day, there’s plenty to do at RAMM during half-term – from gruesome workshops to light-hearted laughter yoga.

Check out some of the museum’s specimens in Under the Microscope on 25 October. The 100-strong collection of insects, plant body parts, cells, bacteria and even some human tissue are ready to be viewed up close! The Devon & Exeter Medical Heritage Trust will also be in attendance, bringing along with them some gory but captivating items for you to gaze at and inspect more thoroughly. You will also get the chance to build your own microscope!

And once you’ve made your own microscope, why not have a go at crafting your own stethoscope on 26 October? There will be a selection of materials ranging from tubes, card and balloons to help you listen in to your own bodily noises – the glugging, bubbling and thumps that happen as you breathe, eat, move and live!

Want an amusing workout for the body and the mind? Come and have a giggle in one of our children’s laughter sessions, also 26 October. Av a Laugh is a yoga session for kids that should help reduce stress and let loose. Discover deep yogic breathing in order to bring oxygen to the brain and body and let the endorphins flow – simply by laughing for no reason. You can also attend this funny workshop in a quieter, more relaxed session which may be suitable for more sensitive children.

If adventure is more your thing, The Body Show will be heading to RAMM on 27 October. Step into the Explorer Dome where you will travel from the mouth and teeth, down the oesophagus and through to the digestive system. Experience ingestion, digestion, absorption and egestion, from plate to poo!

And finally, explore the museum at night with our spooky Skeleton Crew on 28 October. Skulk around the displays in dark clothing and face paint to become a glow in the dark skeleton! As well as wandering the halls after dark, you’ll have the chance to get creative by making your own skeleton mobile to hang at the edge of your bed and an arm bone-shaped lantern to carry when all the lights are turned off. There may or may not be beasties hidden in the dark… (but there will be torches provided so it’s not too scary).

Museum entry is free. Prices of these sessions are between £3.50 and £5.00. Events run from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 October.

For more events and activities head to our What’s On pages.


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