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Exetercation - Activities at Home

  1. Exetercation: February Half Term Rainy Days

    Raining? Don't panic - we've gathered some exciting activity ideas to entertain the kids this February half term

  2. Exetercation: Flippin' Good Pancake Day Activities

    Who doesn't love pancake day? We’ve put together some recipes and pancake-themed activities to fill your day this Shrove Tuesday!

  3. Exetercation: Valentine's Day Inspired Meals for Two

    We've put together some delicious recipes for you to try with/for your loved one at home this Valentine's Day!

  4. Exetercation: A Singleton Valentine's Day at Home

    You didn’t think we would forget about the singletons on Valentine's Day did you?

  5. Exetercation: Valentine's Day Entertainment

    We've put together some excellent ideas for you and your loved one to celebrate Valentine's Day at home this year! Love conquers all, right?

  6. Exetercation: Winter Warming Recipes

    These easy recipes are perfect if you'd like to try something new, use up those leftovers or save on the pennies this January!

  7. Exetercation: Looking after your Mental and Physical Health

    During lockdown this January, it's important to take care of our mental and physical health. Struggling where to start? We've put together some tips to get you started.

  8. Exetercation: Keeping Entertained at Home this January

    Welcome to the January edition of the Exetercation - a guide to inspire you during this long, cold month! First we inspire you with some exciting stay at home activities...

  9. Exetercation: Around the World in BBQ Ideas

    Who doesn’t love a good BBQ when the sun is shining and the weather is warm? Here are a few ideas for you to give a try... 

  10. Exetercation: Arts & Crafts

    Arts & crafts are good for the soul... and your home! Take a look at our ideas for inspiration what to do on a rainy day, or whenever you fancy during your 'Exetercation'...

  11. Exetercation: Clean Up Treasure Hunt

    Weather not great? Kids driving you nuts? House a mess? Why not do a clean-up treasure hunt. Fun for the children and you get them to clean up, result!

  12. Exetercation: Come Dine With Me

    Check out with these dinner party ideas, inspired by the popular "Come Dine With Me" show in Channel 4...

  13. Exetercation: Garden Camping and Indoor Forts

    Young or old - a change of scenery does us good and in the current climate you may not want to go far, so why not get that sense of adventure with a 'camp out' in your own garden!

  14. Exetercation: Quizzes and Educational Activities

    Many of our incredible businesses in Exeter have excellent educational resources and fun activities!

  15. Exetercation: DIY Pamper Party

    Sometimes it’s not possible to head off to a fabulous location to while away the hours, so why not have your own pamper session to de-stress, feel revitalised and ready to face the world again...

  16. Exetercation: Gardening Projects

    No matter how small your outdoor space is there are still projects you can do that will brighten your days and encourage nature and wildlife into your lives during your 'Exetercation'...

  17. Exetercation: Stay at Home Cinema

    Can't go to the cinema? Why not have a night at the movies in your very own home...

  18. Exetercation: Halloween Fun at Home

    Halloween isn't cancelled in Exeter! We've put together some ideas, to give you inspiration how to celebrate this spooky season safely at home and at socially-distanced events!

  19. Exetercation: Celebrating Bonfire Night at Home

    Looking for ways to celebrate Bonfire Night safely home? Check out these sparking ideas... 

  20. Exetercation: Create your own festive wreath

    Feeling creative this Christmas? We've put together some ideas for you to put your own touches to your festive decorations at home...

  21. Exetercation: DIY Christmas at Home

    This Christmas may not be exactly how we planned this year, but look on the bright side - there's extra time at home to spend on DIY gifts, decorations!

  22. Exetercation: Christmas Treats and Tipples

    It wouldn't be Christmas without our favourite food and drink, so we've put together a selection of treats you can easily make at home!

  23. Exetercation: Christmas Activities and Traditions

    This Christmas will be a little different to previous years, so we've put together some ideas to make sure the festive season remains 'the most wonderful time of the year'!

  24. Celebrate an Exeter New Year's at Home

    We've put together takeaways, post box deliveries and virtual ways to welcome 2021 within the safety of your own home, Exeter themed of course!