Bicycles by the Quay

Exetercation - Out & About

  1. Exetercation: Interactive Tours

    Exeter is an amazing city enriched with history, why not go back in time and learn about some of it! We've put together a selection of self-guided walking tours for you to take part in...

    21 Jul 2020
  2. Bikes next to the River Exe

    We have put a guide together with some amazing things for you to do, to get you all out and about and active during your Exetercation...

    21 Jul 2020
  3. Exetercation: Sun, Sand & Sea

    There are many beaches to choose from within a short distance from Exeter - it’s a day out that can be enjoyed by all ages!

    21 Jul 2020
  4. Exetercation: Picnic ideas and Locations

    We're incredibly lucky in Devon - there are so many beautiful green spaces and coastal locations that we can access really quickly for a picnic!

    21 Jul 2020
  5. Exetercation: Lockdown Dating and Guidance

    For all the singletons out there, the dating scene has become a little bit harder, so we thought we would give you some dating ideas and tips on how to keep safe in Exeter...

    21 Jul 2020
  6. People walking

    We’ve put together a selection of walks across the city and beyond which boasts fascinating history and spectacular views…

    12 Jun 2020
  7. Picture of a bike, which shows the cycle trail at Darts Farm

    If you’re staying in Exeter, you’re very lucky as you’ll have endless cycle routes on your doorstep! Here are some of our favourite trails for you to follow on your next visit...

    15 Jun 2020
  8. Canoeing on Exeter's Quay

    In Exeter, we’re blessed to be surrounded by glorious canals, rivers, estuaries and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast that are perfect for watersports...

    30 Jun 2020
  9. Northernhay Gardens, Exeter

    Our city has a selection of gorgeous gardens perfect for relaxing, picnics and gentle strolls...

    16 Jun 2020
  10. Guest Blog: Kenton Park - Spot The Big 5

    Our new wine safari tours - spotting the "BIG FIVE" here at Kenton Park Estate. We very much hope you will join us and enjoy a fantastic unique outdoor experience - a taste of LIFE on the WILD side!

    26 May 2020
  11. The Dog Lover's Day Out in Topsham

    Are you a dog owner with time on your paws? Topsham is an excellent place for your four-legged pals!

    15 Jul 2020
  12. A Day Out in Topsham for History Lovers

    If you love exploring the past as well as the present, Topsham is THE place to visit.

    16 Jul 2020
  13. The Family Guide to a Day Out in Topsham

    Topsham is an easy-to-reach slice of nature, a short bus or train hop from Exeter, and fascinating for children of all ages, completely safe and fully family-friendly!

    16 Jul 2020
  14. The Cyclist's Guide to Topsham

    When it comes to Topsham – visiting, exploring or just passing through – cycling is the ONLY way to travel, because the town has made such an effort to be bike-friendly!

    21 Jul 2020
  15. The Foodie's Guide to Topsham

    Topsham is a paradise for food lovers, whether it’s to buy for later, to eat-in now, or to takeaway and munch whilst overlooking the estuary...

    21 Jul 2020
  16. The Shopper's Guide to Topsham

    Topsham's 40+ independent stores and many more local businesses create a little slice of retail heaven! 

    21 Jul 2020
  17. On The Doorstep of Exeter
    Exeter is located in the heart of Devon, with excellent road and rail connections to the surrounding areas.