El Mystico comes to Exeter Phoenix on Wednesday 9th October, bringing magic, mind reading and comedy hypnosis all in one show!

In preparation for the unknown, our guest blog from "The Poldark Show presents El Mystico" takes you on an audience journey...  

Imagine right now, you're walking up the steps of the Exeter Phoenix, with your family, friends, or loved ones. You're all chatting away excited to see El Mistico, wishing to be amazed and wondering if you'll volunteer. It's a night you've been looking forward to; a night you're intrigued about and a night where you know you're going to wonder "how does he do that". You're about to experience something that you have never experienced before.

As you take your seat, you're still undecided, do I volunteer? Would I enjoy being one of the 'stars' of the show on stage? Would I be hypnotised? These questions and more whizz around your head as the award winning, Magic Circle member, Magician and Mind Reader Angus Baskerville takes to the stage. Immediately you relax as he performs magic trickery right in front of you and accurately reads the minds of his chosen volunteers... "how does he do that". As Angus reveals his finale, he takes a bow as the audience applauds, your heart races as you realise your decision is ever closer... do I volunteer? 

During the short interval, there's heightened excitement and overheard words from other audience members... "I'm absolutely getting up on stage" "I've never been hypnotised before, I'd love to experience it", "we'll watch you from our seats and video you" and "did you watch the video of him, if it's anything like that tonight, we're going to have an amazing time watching". 

As the lights dim for the second time, I've decided to go for it, to volunteer to be hypnotised. The music starts, the intensity increases and the anticipation feels electric. The curtains open and Poldark, International Cabaret and Master Stage Hypnotist appears to welcome us into his hypnotic world. As the music fades, Poldark speaks to everyone of us, seizing our attention and asks for volunteers to join him on stage. Before I know it, I've leapt from my seat and have taken a seat on the stage, in full view of everybody. What am I thinking, I have no idea, but I'm ready be part of something special at Exeter Phoenix tonight.

Imagine right now, waking up from a trance, having some recollection of what has just occurred, what has been experienced on the stage and feeling calm, relaxed and ready to watch the performance next time around. It's a night I'll never forget, I enjoyed the experience and that last act, wow, "how does he do that".

The Poldark Show presents El Mistico, it's a unique unforgettable performance; it’s mesmerising, it’s spellbinding, it’s a show that will literally blow your mind!

Taking to the stage at Exeter Phoenix, for one night only, on Wednesday 9th October, tickets are available now.


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