Prodigy Escapes is Exeter's newest independent escape room. In this guest blog, they explore the concept of escape rooms as a form of immersive entertainment, highlighting how they prioritise immersion and teamwork over the mere act of confinement!...

Prodigy Escapes

Escape rooms have taken the world by storm, captivating thrill-seekers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. However, many people mistakenly believe that the essence of an escape room lies in being locked in a room, desperately searching for a key to freedom. In reality, escape rooms are all about the immersive experience, providing an avenue for adventure and escapism, testing our problem-solving skills, and fostering teamwork.

Prodigy Escapes exemplifies the evolution of escape rooms, offering meticulously crafted rooms that transport participants into rich narratives and fantastical worlds. By prioritizing immersion and collaboration over confinement, they create an environment where the boundaries of reality blur, and the joy of escapism takes centre stage.

The evolution of escape rooms

Escape rooms have come a long way since their inception. Originally inspired by video games and popularized in Japan in the early 2000s, they quickly spread across the globe, enticing players with their unique blend of puzzles, teamwork, and adrenaline. Over time, escape rooms have evolved into fully immersive experiences that transport participants into different worlds, erasing the boundaries of reality.

Escape rooms as immersive adventures

At their core, escape rooms are immersive adventures designed to stimulate the mind, challenge problem-solving skills, and foster teamwork. Prodigy Escapes understands this fundamental aspect of the escape room experience and takes it to new heights. Rather than focusing on the confinement aspect, they craft meticulously designed rooms that serve as portals to captivating narratives and imaginative worlds.

Immersive storylines

Prodigy Escapes' approach centres around immersive storylines that engage players from the moment they step foot in their rooms. Each room tells a unique tale, whether it be a thrilling heist, a mysterious archaeological expedition, or a time-travelling adventure. The attention to detail, set design, and carefully crafted puzzles all contribute to the overall immersive experience, blurring the lines between reality and the fictional realm.

Currently Prodigy Escapes offer three storylines in their Exeter escape rooms:

The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor - Mount Clifton Manor is a shadow of its former splendour. The ancestral home of the Clifton family is falling into ruin after years of neglect following the disappearance of Lord Frederick Clifton. The Manor has been subject to many reports of ghostly sightings over the years with nobody identifying the cause behind the phenomenon. Keen to put the matter to rest once and for all Lady Clifton has hired you as the leading paranormal investigators to come in and find the cause behind the disruption. Assemble your team of 2-8 and get ready to discover the secrets and mysteries lurking in Mount Clifton Manor.

Mission Impawsible – Join our wacky family focused adventure! BARK9 (British Agency of Reconnaissance K9s) needs your help! Professor Winston Montgomery is a person of interest. He was already a disliked person before dogs started going missing but there is growing concern. Agent Rexy was tasked with investigating the professor but has been radio silent for 12 hours. We need your help to find out what’s going on! Assemble your team of 2-6 and embark on your undercover adventure!

The Lost Temple - The Chimalpopoca Idol was believed to be something of legend. Following your group's discovery of the Pathfinder Totem an expedition was started to try and discover whether this relic truly existed. On the cusp of uncovering the treasure, your group was betrayed. A rival expedition now seeks to steal the treasure for themselves. Now it falls to your group to appease the gods and retrieve the Idol before it’s too late. Will you unlock the treasures or will you too be lost to history?

Puzzle-solving and critical thinking

Escape rooms are renowned for their diverse puzzles, requiring participants to think critically, collaborate, and uncover hidden clues. Prodigy Escapes places great emphasis on puzzle design, ensuring that each challenge seamlessly integrates with the overarching storyline. From deciphering codes and solving riddles to unlocking hidden compartments, every puzzle propels the narrative forward and deepens the immersive experience.

Teamwork and collaboration

While escape rooms can be enjoyed individually, the true magic lies in teamwork and collaboration. Prodigy Escapes fosters an environment that encourages group dynamics, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and cooperation. By working together, participants can pool their strengths, share ideas, and overcome obstacles that would be insurmountable alone. It is this shared experience and sense of accomplishment that make escape rooms truly unforgettable. Our favourite aspect of an escape room is the ability to engage multiple generations of families in a manner that few other activities can achieve.

The power of escapism

Escapism, often misunderstood as mere avoidance of reality, is an essential aspect of the escape room experience. By immersing oneself in an alternate reality filled with challenges and mysteries, players can temporarily escape the stresses and demands of everyday life.

Prodigy Escapes understands the allure of escapism and ensures that their rooms provide an enchanting and transformative experience, where participants can momentarily step into another world and immerse themselves in the thrill of adventure.

So, if you're seeking a thrilling adventure and a chance to immerse yourself in a captivating tale, look no further than the enchanting world of Prodigy Escapes!

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Prodigy Escapes
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The Haunting of Clifton Manor

Prodigy Escapes enable you to escape from reality in experiences that see you and your team as the heroes of your adventure. Work out clues to drive the stories to their conclusion in fully themed experiences. We offer all weather fun which is great for families, parties, get togethers, and corporate events.



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