Exeter misses you! We’re incredibly sad that you’re not able to enjoy our city at the moment, so we have put together some ideas of how you can experience our culture from the comfort of your own homes, with excellent virtual reality resources. 

Take a look below and lose yourself within our incredible attractions across the city, then hopefully we will see you in person later on this year...

Exeter Underground Passages

Never been to Exeter's Underground Passages? Their fantastic fly-through video lets you travel back in time, allowing you to discover how clean drinking water made its way into Medieval Exeter.

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral are streaming their services live through their website. They’ve already posted their popular Mother’s Day service, keep an eye out for other services over the next coming months. The Cathedral have also given the public the opportunity to send in a prayer if they wish.

There are also many ways to explore the Cathedral online, with their AR Project. Discover the story of Exeter Cathedral, gaze at the West Front of the building and learn about the Minstrels' Gallery. You can even take a virtual tour of this magnificent building!

Red House Mysteries

Exeter’s popular escape rooms, Red House Mysteries, have reduced the price of their virtual board game “The Rising Water” from £69 to £19.95! This is a great way to keep the household entertained, budding detectives will love this! Who will discover the truth first?

Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM)

Visit RAMM; Exeter’s award-winning museum without leaving the comfort of your living room! You’ll have 16 spectacular galleries at your fingertips with RAMM's virtual tour including local history, world cultures, geology and zoology.

The museum has plenty of online activities for the whole family to get involved with too! Play a few games, curate your own collection and research RAMM’s collections.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Is your family a regular visitor of The Donkey Sanctuary? The charity have set up their ‘Sanctuary from your Sofa’ videos - so you can meet the donkeys, take them for a walk and learn how these gentle giants are looked after! 

St Nicholas Priory

Discover the events and activities that take place regularly at St Nicholas Priory with their video, to inspire you to take part once it's safe to do so!

Devon & Exeter Institution 

The Devon and Exeter Institution have put together an 'Isolation Creation' page, encouraging the public to get involved with public read-alongs, activities to do at home and a call-out to help them identify the trade cards in their collection. You can even take a tour of The Cottage, which has been the live-in residence of Librarians and Housekeepers for over 200 years at the Devon and Exeter Instituton! 

Wildwood Escot

If you miss wondering around outside meeting new furry friends, you’re not alone! Lucky for us, Wildwood Escot post regular educational talks with keepers on their Facebook page to make us feel like we’re actually at the zoo!

Devon Family History Society

The Devon FHS are offering a virtual service for anyone who wants help with their family history. Simply email them for a simple enquiry or use their resource centre for complex requests.

Exeter is looking forward to welcoming you back soon!


Exeter's Underground Passages
Historic Site
Exeter's Underground Passages

The Passages were built to house the pipes that brought clean drinking water into medieval Exeter. A guided tour of Exeter's Underground Passages is a memorable event - narrow, dark, interesting and exciting.

Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral roof top tour

Medieval cathedral. Fine example of Gothic Decorated style. Longest unbroken stretch of Gothic vaulting in the world. Image screen on West Front, Minstrels' Gallery and tombs. Expert guided tours, trails and activities for the family

Red House Mysteries
Alternative Days out
Red House Mystery

From Devon's most exciting Escape Rooms to monthly supernatural murder mysteries, large scale treasure hunts to postal and web-based interactive games - Red House Mysteries are here to inspire, intrigue and thrill.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery - RAMM
Royal Albert Memorial Museum Queen Street Exeter

Exeter’s world-class museum has stunning displays and galleries, fabulous exhibitions and modern amenities. The displays reveal Devon and Exeter’s rich history and global connections. Exotic animals, birds and insects delight children and the World Cultures galleries display stunning items from all over the world.

Devon & Exeter Institution
Arts & Heritage
The Library of Devon & Exeter Institution

The Institution occupies historic premises at the heart of Exeter in the Cathedral Close. Adapted from what was once a house belonging to the Courtenay family, the library of the Institution is housed in two elegant Georgian rooms which provide space for research and reading, educational activities, cultural events and lectures.

The Donkey Sanctuary
Animal Collection
The Donkey Sanctuary

Bring out the best in your herd and make memories that last a lifetime at The Donkey Sanctuary. Meet hundreds of adorable rescue donkeys for FREE and discover so much more besides.

Wildwood Escot
Animal Collection
Wildwood Devon

Let the kids go wild at Wildwood Escot, with amazing animals, a magnificent maze, outdoor adventure play, indoor soft play, terrific traversing walls, heart-stopping drop-slide, a 40 metre zip line, and authentic Saxon village!



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